Vogt Medical is constantly creating new technologies with one goal aim: to provide patients and their loved ones with the highest level of medical care. Vogt Medical is a German company with a 25-year history. Business partners rely on our experience and our support to be successful in their markets.

Roesys MedTec GmbH maintains a modern certified quality management system. All processes required to provide a safe and functional product are continuously monitored and evaluated for risk and suitability. Furthermore, the products of Roesys MedTec GmbH are approved in several markets worldwide. International approvals are constantly being developed further.

Dr. Sennewald Medizintechnik was founded with the aim of discovering innovative and beneficial cancer therapies and we have since amassed over 30 years of experience in regional and local hyperthermia. Our aim is to help improve the range of products on offer, to support the growth of this proven technology and so increase the survival rate among cancer patients.

Oriflame offers people around the world who want to start making money and realise their dreams and plans a great opportunity to create their own business. Our unique business concept is ‘Make Money Today and Fulfil Your Dreams Tomorrow™’. At Oriflame, respect for people and the environment is a core component of our business, and is embedded in our Environmental and Social Policy. The company is also a co-founder of the World Childhood Foundation and is proud to be involved in numerous charitable projects around the world.

ALBATROS HEALTH CARE LLC is an official distributor of the world’s largest companies supplying laboratory diagnostic equipment, reagents and consumables, such as Snibe Diagnostic, Beckton Dickinson, Randox, Werfen, Qiagen, Dymind.
Our company, started to work in the market of Uzbekistan more than 4 years ago, has become widely known and has won confidence of more than 100 laboratories throughout the Republic, because we provide not only quality equipment, but also technical service 24/7, and the widest range of diagnostic tests, including rare ones, at affordable market prices.

The liner is located in Tashkent province, in the village of Chimgan, just eight kilometres from the Chimgan ropeway. Surrounded by mountains and hills, the complex is perfect for a family outing or a corporate retreat. In winter it is convenient to get to the skiing track, which is only 10 minutes far from the complex, and in summer to arrange hiking in the mountain gorges at the foot of the Big Chimgan mountain or to take a trip to the beaches of Charvak water pool. The surrounding nature, mountain air and magnificent landscapes will give you a feeling of relaxation, comfort and an opportunity to enjoy your rest!