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Healthcare in the pandemic period: experiences and achievements in the fight against COVID-19

International online scientific congress “Healthcare in the pandemic period: experiences and achievements in the fight against COVID-19”, provides a unique opportunity to exchange experiences, current knowledge and achievements in the field of research on the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic. Famous scientists from different countries of the world will take part in the congress. The Congress is intended to maintain a high level of scientific discussion for the exchange of high-quality and professionally useful information in key reports, discussions of leading world experts. The congress participants will be able to get acquainted with new technologies and achievements in the fight against COVID-19; outline for themselves a desirable perspective.

The scientific program of the congress is devoted to the most pressing issues of epidemiology, vaccine prevention, laboratory diagnostics, medical imaging, drug therapy, intensive care, post-ovarian rehabilitation, nutritional therapy and psychological state. Within the framework of the congress, topics will be discussed that will interest not only scientists, but also practicing doctors. Data will be presented on complex and unresolved issues of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of other diseases in a pandemic. A special emphasis will be placed on thrombosis and other complications in combination with cardiovascular disease and СOVID-19.

Agenda of the congress will include plenary sessions, symposiums, reports, presentations, on-line session booth of manufacturers of medicines, medical equipment and consumables. Important topics presented for discussion by leading experts: epidemiology of respiratory diseases, the procedure and standards for providing medical care to patients with COVID-19, innovations in diagnosis, treatment and prevention of COVID-19, interventional pulmonology – bronchoscopy, thoracoscopy, immunological aspects in respiratory infections and COVID-19, clinical guidelines of virologist, formation of healthy lifestyle among citizens of Uzbekistan in matters of respiratory health, rehabilitation issues.

This congress will be an excellent platform for the exchange of new ideas, knowledge and research. It will bring together a wide range of specialists from around the world: infectious disease specialists, virologists, microbiologists, epidemiologists, hygienists, pulmonologists, anesthesiologists-resuscitators, healthcare organizers, internists and general practitioners, neurologists, psychiatrists, rehabilitation specialists, nutritionists, medical imaging specialists, immunologists and pioneers from both academic fields and relevant industry sectors. Speakers from all over the world can present their abstracts, papers and presentations.

Delegates: physicians, researchers, and students can attend the congress by selecting the appropriate options listed on the registration page.

Working languages are Russian, English and Uzbek.

The organizers of the Congress are the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan and Progressive Medical Service LLC.


June 1 – 4, 2021

(Tuesday to Friday)



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Dear Colleagues!

On June 1-4, 2021 the city of Tashkent will host the International Scientific Congress “Healthcare in the era of a pandemic: experience and achievements in the fight against COVID-19”, the agenda of which will include a discussion of current issues facing public health around the world. Sharing new knowledge, gained experience, discussing the most typical problems and searching for common approaches to diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and reduction of mortality from COVID 19 – these are the main tasks we face. We are seriously aiming to discuss the above issues and ways of solving them, since the work of the congress is focused towards the future.

The program of the scientific congress reflects the research and practical work of the leading Uzbek and foreign specialists in the field of infection, immunology, virology, as well as the introduction of innovative technologies in other related fields, and will contribute to solving the most important task – strengthening the health of the population of our planet in a pandemic. The work of the Congress will also initiate cooperation between scientific, medical and pharmaceutical organizations.

Thus, we have much to discuss in the search for common solutions.

It is safe to say that the upcoming Congress will provide a unifying scientific platform that will allow us to strengthen our mutual understanding and outline ways to further cooperation in the fight against COVID-19.

I wish you successful and fruitful work at the International Scientific Congress!

Minister of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan
Chairman of the Congress
Doctor of Medicine, Professor Khadzhibaev A.M.

Dear participants of the International Congress!

Let me greet you on behalf of the organizers and founders of this wonderful event!

We sincerely regret that we will not be able to meet all of you in person in the hospitable land of sunny Uzbekistan, but we are glad to communicate with you on the online platform and together organize this International Congress so relevant and important for all of us, aimed at fighting and eliminating the effects of COVID-19.

The Congress is designed to maintain a high standard of scientific discussion for the mutual exchange of quality professional information, both in keynotes and in the discussions and poster presentations.

Presentations by leading experts are presented in all areas of health care, including epidemiology, vaccine prevention, postvaccine rehabilitation and many others. Complex issues of diagnosis and treatment of other diseases in the context of the pandemic will be discussed.

We are proud that such a momentous congress is taking place in Uzbekistan where our experience and achievements in treating and eliminating the consequences of COVID-19, including rapid deployment of distribution centers and specialized pandemic centers, are quite significant.

The congress program includes plenary sessions, symposia, reports, presentations, and online poster sessions.

Welcome to the International Congress, held in the name of the highest humanitarian values, for the public health of mankind!

General Director
Artyom Pokachalov

Organising Committee

Bakhodir Yusupaliev

Deputy Minister of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan
Chief State Sanitary Doctor

Khabibullo Akilov

Director of the Center for Development of Professional Qualifications of Doctors

Jakhongir Sabirov

Deputy General Director for Science and Innovation
Progressive Medical Service

Erkin Musabaev

Director of the Research Institute of Virology

Botir Tadjiev

Director of the Republican Specialized Scientific-Practical Medical Center for Epidemiology, Microbiology, Infectious and Parasitic Diseases

Botirzhon Kurbanov

Deputy Head of Sanitary and Epidemiological Service
Service of Sanitary-Epidemiological Welfare and Public Health

Muboraxon Ahmedova

Professor, Department of Paediatric Infectious and Infectious Diseases
Tashkent Medical Academy

Anvar Khusanov

Ph.D. Medicine
Director of the Republican 1st Specialized Zangiata Infectious Disease Hospital

Nargiza Mirraximova

Scientific Secretary
Republican Specialized Scientific and Practical Medical Centre for Epidemiology, Microbiology, Infectious and Parasitic Diseases

Latofat Anvarova

Head of the Department of Science and Innovation
Service of Sanitary-Epidemiological Welfare and Public Health

Feruza Azizova

Vice Rector for Science and Innovation
Tashkent Medical Academy

Tatiana Romanovskaya

Deputy General Director
Progressive Medical Service

Aziza Hikmatullaeva

Deputy Director for Scientific Work
Научно-исследовательский институт Вирусологии

Artyom Pokachalov

Progressive Medical Service LLC

Dilorom Akhmedova

M.D., Professor
Director of Republican Scientific and Practical Center for Pediatrics
RSPMC Pediatrics

Khikmat Anvarov

Deputy Director for Scientific Work
Republican Scientific Center for Emergency Medical Care




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